About The School

KC Gurukul Public School located in Paloura, is established with a vision of providing quality education to students. The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). KC Gurukul Public School is dedicated to provide world class educational facilities to the students and offers education from classes Nursery - Class XII. To ensure the complete development of the children, KC Gurukul Public School encourages the students to take part in various co-curricular activities held in school such as music, dance, arts and sports. The campus of KC Gurukul Public School is well equipped with the modern infrastructural facilities such as spacious ventilated class rooms with the latest teaching aids, rich library, state-of-the-art computer labs, science labs and play ground.
The philosophy of K.C. Gurukul society is based on value education and holistic approach in training the young minds. Our school provides a unique platform and ambience to shape the minds of promising scholars trained by able faculty members. The essence of both formal and non-formal education is a sincere endeavour of our school to keep the impact of stress and strain fart away from the pupils to facilitate learning processes in a “child centred” environment.
One who sees inaction in action,and action inaction, is intelligent among men,and he is the transcendental position,although engaged in all sorts of activities.
Here lies a brief description of “Three Karma Yogis” of Choudhary Family of Jammu, who believed in hard work devoid of its fruit. Selfless service to mankind and charity was very close to their minds and hearts. Each one of them reached to the pinnacle of glory through consistent efforts. As a matter of great pride and rich tribute bestowed upon these great souls by the present flag- bearers of K.C. Gurukul Society, a brief flash back on each one of them has been highlighted distinctly.
SH. KISHAN CHAND MAHAJAN was an ‘Iron Man’ with a tender heart and great stature. Service to humanity was evergreen in his mind. As a great visionary of his time, he firmly believed in “Work is Worship” and optimism. He faced evens and odds in life with extreme bliss. The evolution of brand name “K.C.” got its recognition during his time span and so many products were released subsequently within the state as well as outside. It is believed that his employees were very happy under his serene guidance and care.
SH. RAM CHAND MAHAJAN was another exponent of great Mahajan family who tried to promote the brand name “K.C” beyond the boundaries of J & K state in a competitive manner. He had a great passion for English and emerged as a powerful magnate in business within a short span of time. Infact his depth of knowledge and personal attributes got him nominated as a MLC for six years as well as MLA twice in J & K state. But the missions advocated by the elders were undertaken by the second worthy son of Sh. R.C. Mahajan. This very great soul was who embraced the challenging responsibilities in governing the business empire with wisdom and perseverance. SH. SATISH MAHAJAN The outcome of four schools in Jammu province under the “K.C. Gurukul society” bear a strong testimony of one man show who wanted to bring revolution in quality education at minimal cost for Jammuities. Sh. S. Mahajan was a crumble man with a philanthropic perspective and a great visionary, who solely edured for the welfare of society. He often shared his mission with his family to make Paloura a ‘focal point’ of learning for all the children by giving a global face lift to this very CBSE co-educational school located in the sub-urbs of Jammu city. He believed in expansionism of such institutes in other parts of J&K state to empower the Dogra youths of sub-urbs, educationally. He handed over the educational torch to his three worthy sons to spread the light of education ,at par excellence, in different parts of J&K state by establishing more branches of K.C.Gurukul Public Schools to foster the same segments of mission and vision enshrined by the founder. The founder undoubtedly was a man with golden heart and was greatly admired by his employees. A god fearing man of his stature believed in simple living and high thinking throughout his life. It is needless to mention that he made charity a vital part of his karma and tried to consummate in consultation with his three illustrious sons.
Sh. Satish Mahajan gave reign of Business Empire to his eldest dynamic son named Mr. Arvind Mahajan who is a well known personality amongst young entrepreneurs in J&K state. His experience in the field of hospitality and education covers a time span of 20 years. As a great admirer of quality education, he believes in pragmatic and rational approach in imparting education to young minds. Quite often, he directs his faculty members to put percent efforts while dealing with promising scholars at different levels of learning. K.C.Gurukul should transform into an abode of learning with a mixed flavour of Indian and Western Education”. He wants to fulfill the cherished dream of his father to transmute K.C.Gurukul Public School Paloura, a premier institute in J&k state and a focal point of training for its sister schools in due course. He intends to see the pupils of K.C.Gurukul, in general, as ‘future brand ambassadors’ globally. A firm foundation has been laid down by him at Paloura and a new era has set in at its horizon to spread the radiance of education in to under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Arvind Mahajan. To accomplish this great mission, our worthy Chairman is assisted by a team of three eminent members of the Board of Directors who solely are trying their best to postulate new policies and conceits to provide first rate education through K.C.Gurukul Public Schools in the country.