Each Child is like a flourishing sapling which requires care and nourishing to blossom. At KC Gurukul Public School, it is our constant endeavour to provide ample intellectual stimulation to ignite young minds to think and help them to flower in to responsible aware citizens of tomarrow . Just like every plant requires pruning to give it decisive shape , young minds to need to be tethered so that they don't go astray. It is our constant efffort to imbibe with in our little one’s, values and ethics that they will carry forever.
With great care we contribute to an overall holistic development of our students encouring them to take responsibility for their action and learn the value of self restrain and prudence.
Any accomplishment requires diligent effort and immense patience, accept cherry hurdle as a challenge to success and "Never play to lose, always play to win" - Arvind Mahajan