Academic Director

On the back of an established teaching career that founded a passion to provide a congenial environment coupled with an exciting and lively organization, I am privileged to run this institution since the year of its inception. I have always believed that if a child is given beauty, they treat things with respect; if a child is given dignity, they treat others with respect; if a child is given freedom to express themselves and is listened to, they learn self respect.
At K.C Gurukul Public School it is our endeavor that every child is loved and accepted as an individual. Every child is encouraged to develop their own self-confidence and self-belief enabling them to make their own friends and decisions about life and every child is nurtured to enable them to move forward independently and to face the challenges of life.
As an organization, we also believe in providing the same ethos of respect to both parents and staff alike, so that together we can create an easier footpath for our Little Ones to follow. To be part of such a delicate period of a child's life, be entrusted to enable their independence and to watch each of them grow is for me the greatest reward. We foster a community environment in which there is love, respect and acceptance of each person. A unique partnership between talented students, supportive parents, and gifted and dedicated faculty and support staff makes such a family environment possible. Our students are challenged to not only prepare for college or university but also to stretch and grow for the personal satisfaction achievement brings.
Again, welcome! And God bless you!



Mrs Anu Jandial