Co - Curricular Activities

Holistic Development of students can't be achieved just by imparting academics. Extra Curricular Activities play a very significant role in inculcating diverse values amongst the students.The school is known for its co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, holistic education and good discipline. Many co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are available for students to participate throughout the academic year. Our activities include quiz, recitation, elocution, debate, short story writing, art & craft, making charts and models, mental mathematics, music, dance, drama, sports, gym, swimming, games, charity work, organization of exhibitions, celebration of festivals, etc. These activities cater to the cultural, social and aesthetic development of students. These activities make the students fit for the future through developing a sense of competitive spirit, co-operation, leadership, diligence, punctuality, team-spirit as well as providing them a befitting platform for the development of their creative talents.
Music is a language that is understood everywhere in the world. It serves as an audio-aesthetic experience which involves the mind in a pleasing way. Music is considered as an important part of curriculum, for the crucial role that it plays in understanding different cultures.
Dance is one of the most well-known ways to express emotions. Students are taught the diverse forms of the classical Bharatnatyam and also the various folk forms that flourish in different parts of India with distinct cultural and aesthetic appeals.
It's been proven that early exposure to visual art, music or drama promotes activity in the brain. Art nurtures innovative mind as it engages children in a process that aids in the development of self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, and self-motivation. Participating in art activities help children gain the necessary tools for understanding human experience, adapting to and respecting other ways of working and thinking, developing creative and problem solving skills and communication thoughts and ideas in a variety of ways
India's topography, flora and fauna provide unparalleled resources for the expeditions and field visits which enhance students' learning by providing the opportunities for students to participate in curriculum-related activities outside the normal school routine. School excursions are well-planned curriculum-related activities that aim to maximize students' learning experiences.
Educational and adventure camps are part of the annual calendar. This strengthens the bonds of interdependence and helps our students understand and value natural resources. It also teaches them